The residents of Castle Valley know open minds are created by open space. They understand that the notion of community does not stop at the town boundary, but extends into the sage flats of Round Mountain, where the tides of deer move in and out of the valley like water. This is a place where both culture and wildness live side by side.

To live in Castle Valley is to witness the movement of light cast across the face of Castleton Tower creating the invocations and benedictions of each day.

To live in Castle Valley is to cherish an erosional landscape where the heat of summer melts all pretense and spring winds, so wicked whole hillsides seem to disappear under the shroud of blowing sands, shape a character that says less is not only more but preferable when it comes to the conveniences of city life.

This is a town in the heart of rural Utah that wants to create a conservation alternative to the indiscriminate growth and development preying upon the open spaces of the American West.

This is a community of diverse individuals standing together in their desire to preserve the integrity of their home. Our intent is to redefine prosperity in terms of a healthy ecosystem, our watershed, viewshed,and night full of stars.

We believe we can begin to live differently, that the preservation of one’s homeland is the preservation of the planet.

Castleton Tower is the center of America’s Redrock Wilderness. The ecological integrity of the Colorado River Corridor is threatened by the development of thousands of acres under the jurisdiction of Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. The silences maintained in these fragile desertlands are a collective prayer uttered in the name of peace and restoration.

As residents of Castle Valley, we ask you to stand with us.
— Terry Tempest Williams

We would like to help sound resistant materials for their donations from Australia!

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