The Castle Valley community and Utah Open Lands are celebrating the completion of the Castleton Tower Preservation Initiative, and the successful collaboration it represents –individuals, foundations, the outdoor recreation industry, climbers, local activists, and their conservation partners. We look forward to continuing the work of preserving additional spectacular wildlands in the region.

On July 2nd a deal was closed with Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration that will protect 530 acres of critical wildlife habitat in Castle Valley. Utah Open Lands and the Grand Canyon Trust joined forces with Utah’s State Division of Wildlife Resources to purchase the land from SITLA. A state legislative appropriation of $658,000 was matched by a $200,000 grant from the Eccles Foundation and a $50,000 grant from the Grand Canyon Trust. Utah Open Lands still must raise $45,000 to complete this purchase.

Let us tell you about a very special place while there’s still time to preserve it.

In the heart of Utah’s redrock desert, connecting the La Sal Mountains and the Colorado River, lies Castle Valley — a magnificent landscape at once sweeping and intimate. Our valley is home to diverse wildlife, threatened plant species, and a community of people who care deeply enough about this extraordinary place not to allow its indiscriminate development.

So many communities in the rural West have viewed development as inevitable. The Castle Rock Collaboration is saying that conservation values are just as high a priority as development. We are seeking a conservation solution.

Why save this land?

It is a spectacular stretch of wild lands bordering three Wilderness Study Areas.

It comprises regionally significant wildlife habitat.

Once spoiled by development, this open land is gone forever

Castleton Tower, Priest and Nuns, Round Mountain, and Porcupine Rim are icons of the American West — known to the world from films, calendars and postcards.

Here’s the problem — you can be part of the solution!


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The State of Utah’s School Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) owns 4500 acres in Castle Valley. For many years this land existed as open space with public access, but now SITLA has decided to sell the land. We want to buy these trust lands to secure their conservation. And we can do it with your help.

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